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Is ALS hereditary?

Sometimes, but not all the time. Like with many other things, there is not just one type of ALS. But the one that is hereditary is more rare, meaning most of the time ALS is not hereditary.

Is it contagious?

No, it is not

Can you grow old with it?

Some people have grown old, but it is tough to answer because it depends on the type of ALS you have. So some people grow old, and some people do not.

Can you do something about ALS?

It depends by what you mean. Can you get a chair to help you move around? Yes! Can you get machines to help. You breathe easier? Yes! Can you get other devices to help you eat, drink and live your life? Yes! But can you make it stop? Not yet.

Why aren’t there any medications?

That is hard, because there are still so many things that the doctors don’t know about ALS. But, they are working really hard and finding new treatments. There are some medications that can help slow down a bit, but the doctors are working hard to find even more.

If you have ALS, don’t you feel anything?

I feel the same things as a healthy person. Sometimes I feel my muscles tingling and twitching or my body gets sore because I can’t move well anymore.

If the nerves breakdown, can you grow new nerves?

Nerves sometimes can regrow, but with ALS the very end of the nerves separates or die off, and that makes them hard to regrow.

What can I do to help you?

Find ways to do all the things we have always done, just different! We can walk with the power chair, even go the beach with bigger wheels. We can watch movies, go to the park, watch a football game. Doing things that we always loved to do, just a bit different is a great way to help. You can always ask me if I need anything, because sometimes I just need a little help. You can also help by telling other people about ALS or by participating or creating a fundraiser. Your local ALS foundation may have more information on this. 

* This fundraiser is facilitated by the Dutch ALS Foundation. If the required amount for the fundraiser is not raised, the foundation is not obliged to supplement this amount and the donations will be at the disposal of the foundation. These will not be refunded.